Winter Furnace maintenance tips for a comfy home in Belleville, IL

Here’s what you should know about furnace maintenance

With Thanksgiving upon us, no doubt, you’ve noticed the recent drop in temperatures. The bad news is that the temperatures won’t rise dramatically for another few months. The good news is that you’re covered with a furnace or heating system that can help you stay warm inside when it’s cold outside. However, if you don’t take great care of your system, you could have furnace problems when you’re least apt to handle them. With that in mind, it’s important to adhere to the proper furnace maintenance procedures. Read on to see how you can take great care of your system for a warm home this season!

Change the Air Filter

This is the first and most important thing that you can do to help your system. A clogged air filter will make the unit work harder, which causes the breakdown of specific components or even the entire system. Additionally, a clean air filter will help reduce the amount of allergens, dust and other pathogens in the air.

Program your Thermostat

This is another relatively simple task that could have big benefits for your HVAC system. Program your thermostat to run when it needs to and take a break when it doesn’t. This will help you and your family stay warm when you’re home and save the money on energy when you’re away. Additionally, giving the system a break helps keep all the parts in good working condition.

dirty furnace filter belleville il

Schedule a Clean & Check

If it’s the dead of winter and your unit isn’t running up to par, you might want to call for a mid-season clean n’ check from your local furnace technician. A tech will come out to clean the furnace, check all the components and provide the necessary repairs needed to keep your home warm this winter.

Professional Maintenance

One way that you can avoid mid-season problems is by taking care of things before the winter hits. With a pre-season maintenance agreement, your unit will always be ready to go when the weather is nastiest. Contact our staff for more details about our maintenance agreements!

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