Furnace maintenance tips for your Collinsville, IL home

Pay attention to these furnace maintenance tips

It’s a fact: intricate things just tend to run better when they receive regular maintenance. People go to a doctor’s office for an annual checkup, cars get regular oil changes, and computers run diagnostic checks. Unfortunately, too many homeowners treat their furnace like a “set-it-and-forget-it” convenience, costing themselves a lot of money in unnecessary replacements. In reality, a fast, affordable maintenance visit is all it takes to keep your Collinsville, IL furnace running smoothly, year after year.

Top Furnace Maintenance Tasks

  • Change Filter: Furnace systems pull in outside air to produce the warm air that we desire during the winter months. Unfortunately, that means it pulls in everything that’s in the air, as well. While furnace filters are robust and trustworthy, like any filter, they will become clogged over time. This can lead to less efficient operation, sluggish fan speeds, and even a broken motor. Part of your maintenance visit will involve thoroughly cleaning these filters, or even replacing them if necessary.
  • Check Thermostat: Part of your furnace system is the thermostat that turns the unit on and off depending on the temperature inside your home. If your thermostat is set to the wrong settings, you could see major problems with your system including decreased energy efficiency, increased repair calls and more. Avoid problems by checking and reprogramming your thermostat throughout the year.
  • Duct Cleaning: One thing you can do to improve the function of your home furnace system, is clean your air ducts. In fact, the more dust and debris that flows through your home, the more dust and debris will end up in your system. By cleaning ductwork, you’ll limit the contamination of your system and the associated damage that it may cause. Additionally, duct cleaning may help improve the quality of air in your home.
  • Annual Tune-Up: One of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your system is to have it regularly inspected by a trained furnace repair professional. They’ll provide a thorough inspection, cleaning and repair of your furnace system components for a low, annual rate. Call us for more details!

Furnace troubles? Need help? Call the pros in the Collinsville, IL area – call Dependable Service Repair!

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